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Blocked by Imunify360 message

If you encounter a message indicating that your IP has been blocked by Imunify360 when attempting to access your website, it is likely due to repeated connection attempts to the server.

Imunify360 serves to protect servers against both malicious connection attempts and repeated incorrect login attempts, which can occur during normal use. These incorrect login attempts are sometimes indistinguishable from malicious brute force attacks to the server.

This issue often arises when trying to log in to email, either to send or receive messages, particularly if a mail client has slightly incorrect login details such as the password. It can occur, for example, when a password is updated but not updated on all devices, leading to a blocking of the connecting IP until the issue is resolved. We recommend identifying and correcting the problematic client, removing or disabling it, and completing the captcha check on the blocking notification page. This action will promptly lift the block.

If you encounter the block again shortly after its removal, it indicates that the problematic client is still attempting to connect from the same IP address.

Our support team can assist in investigating our logs to identify either the device or user responsible for the incorrect login attempts. Please reach out to us for further assistance, providing the IP address displayed in the error message.