IT Support

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Our Services

  • Wi-Fi Installation
    We can help expand your wireless network, troubleshoot or improve your coverage.
  • CCTV Systems
    Need to install or upgrade your CCTV security system? We can provide a quotation to meet your needs.
  • Hardware Repairs
    At WebClients we can repairs phones, laptops and desktops. Send them to us for a free inspection and quotation.
  • Virus and Malware Removal
    Get the best Anti-Virus software to eliminate malware and safeguard your device from viruses.
  • Hardware Upgrades
    Upgrade your hardware for enhanced performance and optimal functionality with our expert services.
  • Data Migration
    Efficient data migration services to seamlessly transfer and protect your valuable information.
  • Backups & Recovery
    Need a secure backup solution or to restore your data? We can provide a quotation to meet your needs.
  • Software Solutions
    Looking for a specific piece of software to support you in the home or business? Speak to us today!
  • PoS Support
    Looking for the correct POS software for your business? We’ve worked with EPOS, Vend and Lightpeed!
  • Hardware Recycling
    Need to recycle tech? Don’t worry, we’re happy to collect most tech waste and place in our WEEE bins.
  • Battery Replacements
    Need a new battery for your phone, laptop or other tech hardware? Why not speak to us today for a quotation.
  • General IT Support
    We can also provide general day-to-day support to help resolve those IT gremlins!
  • MIS Support
    Let us help with you with the right Management Information Systems!
  • Cybersecurity / GDPR
    Qualified Cybersecurity and GDPR for Business and Education settings.
  • Printer and Device Support
    We can help with your printer conundrums and peripheral device support!
  • Smart Home Device Integration
    Let us help setup up and configure your smart home devices.
  • Training and Education
    Providing basic training on software usage and best practices.
  • OFNL Support
    Live in OFNL area and need technical support? Contact us today!

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