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I am unable to pay my bill in time. Are you able to provide an extension?

All services are raised with a respective due date, which must be considered as the final date for payment in all circumstances.

We do reserve the right to immediate suspension, or alternatively full termination/account closure following the due date of an invoice or service, however, as a courtesy, we do allow an additional 14 days prior to any automated action taking place on the service. This additional 14 days should not be used frequently and is purely available as a ‘buffer’ period for the convenience of those who are having difficulties making payment.

As such, an extension should not be required in most cases. The decision of an extension beyond the 14-day buffer period is entirely at the discretion of the member of staff dealing with the request, without prejudice or justification, and all decisions made are final. Please note, that the team are not permitted to authorise ‘reoccurring’ extensions and reserve the right to decline any repeat requests.

Under absolutely no circumstances, would an extension be granted beyond 20 days past due. As such, any requests to extend beyond this period would be strictly declined.

Any service overdue by more than 30 days is subject to automatic, and immediate removal from our servers.

Important: In the event of a service being terminated, we reserve the right to charge an administrative fee for the time involved in restoring access to your data. The fee applicable for restores is £100 per account and is non-negotiable.

In addition, if a restoration is agreed upon, we will not proceed with the restoration process until all invoices past their due dates have been cleared entirely, and any restorations will only be carried out at the convenience of our support team – no restoration task will take priority above our existing support workload, and therefore ETA’s will not be provided.