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Why doesn’t WebClients offer domain registration, and how does it benefit users?

At WebClients, we’ve made a strategic decision to refrain from becoming a top-level domain registrar. This choice is grounded in various considerations, chief among them being our belief that domains should remain independent of hosting providers. We advocate for your freedom to select a web hosting provider without the constraint of being tethered to a specific domain registrar. This approach allows you to make informed decisions about your hosting needs and ensures you won’t incur charges for domain transfers.

Furthermore, we recognise the formidable competition posed by established domain registration providers such as 123-Reg and Google Domains. These industry giants offer reliable and competitive services, services that we, ourselves, leverage. Our commitment to transparency leads us to acknowledge that their pricing may, at times, outperform ours.

However, we remain dedicated to continuously reassessing our business strategies. If we identify instances of domain registrars engaging in excessive pricing practices, we will revisit our decision with the goal of providing you with the most competitive pricing alongside top-tier services and equipment. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that you receive the best value for your investment in all aspects of your web presence.