Prime Panels Group Limited

Project Brief

Prime Panels Group Ltd marked our inaugural venture into web design within the manufacturing sector, encompassing not only website development but also shaping their overall branding and marketing strategy. Given their start-up status, a comprehensive understanding of their business operations, target market, and desired brand image was paramount. We considered it imperative to delve into the client’s expectations and financial constraints, ensuring alignment with their goals.

Our approach commenced with a meticulous planning and discovery phase. We immersed ourselves in every facet of their business, identifying key elements that would set them apart in the market. Despite being a startup, the company boasted a dynamic team with a wealth of experience and knowledge, and we were dedicated to showcasing this expertise through our design.

Recognising the significance of clarity in conveying their business identity as a start-up, we initiated the design process with the creation of their logo. This initial step laid the foundation for the subsequent development of their website. Acknowledging that a website’s design is not an isolated endeavor, we proactively sought information on various factors such as preferred color schemes, ensuring a cohesive and representative online presence.

Our commitment to staying within the agreed boundaries, both in terms of expectations and budget, guided the entire project. Through collaborative efforts and transparent communication, we navigated the intricacies of the manufacturing sector to deliver a web design that not only met but exceeded Prime Panels Group’s objectives. This inaugural project not only showcased our capabilities in web design but also set the precedent for our future engagements in the dynamic realm of start-ups within the manufacturing industry.

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