SJB Fine Art

Sarah Bowsher is a self-taught artist who primarily works with professional-grade colour pencils, a versatile medium enabling her to create highly detailed and vibrant artworks. She enjoys experimenting with different techniques and materials to continuously evolve her artistic style.

Residing in Buckinghamshire, England, Sarah finds abundant inspiration in the local countryside, wildlife, and coastal landscapes during her travels. Her passion lies in sculpting flowers on paper, capturing their vibrancy and intricate details. However, she also enjoys exploring other subjects, including bumblebees, fluffy cats, and landscapes, constantly challenging herself artistically.

Sarah finds colour pencil art to be a slow yet relaxing medium, and her recent ventures into writing tutorials reflect her enthusiasm for helping fellow colour pencil artists on their creative journeys. She takes pride in providing guidance and support to aspiring artists whenever needed.

At WebClients, we collaborated closely with Sarah to craft her online identity. Our initial focus was understanding the unique essence of Sarah’s artistry, paving the way for meticulous design and development phases. Throughout this journey, Sarah remained an integral part of the process, contributing insights into everything from logo design to colour palettes.

After finalising the website design using Figma, we dedicated several weeks to translating the design into a fully functional site. Soon after, we approached the exciting milestone of launching Sarah’s website, unveiling her captivating artwork to a global audience.